Hello all,

Welcome to my journey navigating this bonkers universe as an autistic queer non-binary individual. I’ve experienced a lot of depression and trauma over my relatively short existence so a lot of what I’m going to be writing here will delve into processing my past trauma, and that of my family. Intergenerational trauma is something I’ve been trying to learn about my whole life I think, without really realizing it. With that in mind, I’ll talk a lot about mental illness, my recent experiences with psychosis and discovering my own queerness. I can’t promise that I’ll ever have a steady or consistent posting pattern – mental illness and disability are tricky that way, my spoon availability changes daily and I can’t promise that the way I organize my thoughts or posts will make sense to anyone but myself – which is the point of this blog to be honest. I don’t write for other people, though I do hope that what I write here helps other people with their own processing and questions that they struggle with.

Anyways, if you’ve arrived here by mistake or otherwise I hope that something manages to resonate with you – and if it doesn’t that’s okay too. My experiences are hardly universal.

Much love,

Star ❤